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For some clients 'cost' is not a factor, as long as they can hire a 'Big Name' consulting company.

Other clients may be more discriminating. They may be concerned about paying Can$250/hr to a consulting company, when the work is done by junior consultants, who themselves would be lucky to draw Can$25/hr.

Some clients have no problem with a retainer that lasts forever, for the feeling of security that they will be always there for them.

Others do not want to be chained to a consulting company for the rest of their life.

QUALI-TECH addresses these issues in an economical manner. Being as cost conscious as they are, they are keeping fees reasonable, while providing first class seasoned senior consultants. They can quote by the job or by the hour.

QUALI-TECH also makes it part of their task to train their clients in any of the improvement methods applied, so that they will not be needing a consultant for the same issue over and over again. They would still be available with experienced senior consultants if a new issue would require some help. We cover some 30 different disciplines.

QUALI-TECH's third differentiator is its Analysis Methods. We have over 60 different ones, that can be tailored to each application. This allows us to 'package' an analysis as a unit, which then gives the client the option to carry out the work with its own people.

These 'Analysis Packages' are the most economical and expedient. They run at roughly Can$100/employee for a general analysis to Can$300/employee for a detailed systems analysis. This means that companies pay in proportion to the number of employees (including managers) they have, so smaller companies pay less than larger companies. This makes sense because it takes less time to analyse a small company than it takes to do a large one.

Expenses are always extra. This could be for software, hardware or travel expenses. This is especially a factor for clients that are located far away from our offices. Usually, clients will make the arrangements for lodging as they are often in a position of getting better discounts from local hotels. Some of the larger ones also have their own deals with airlines and car rental companies. Where these arrangements do not exist, we will make our own arrangements and bill the client for it. Distant local calls may require billing for car mileage only.

If you are interested in one of our services, please write us with the details and we will give you a quotation, which will incorporate the general guidelines listed above.

When you need a champion for the excellence of your operation, we have the team to do it!

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